Logon 2012
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Record your logons and then play them back
It's that fast and easy
Logon with just one click
As convenient and time saving as this is, it is even more convenient to have all your logins organized together in one place Picture
Logon 2012 is a Windows Application, not a toolbar
Run it only when you need it, no need to slow down every session of your browser
No annual licensing fee, buy it only once
30 day money back guarantee
Flexible file system
There are so many logons, one file isn't always enough, create one file for home use, one file for work use; have as many as you want
Files are encrypted
Don't write your logons down somewhere, or expose yourself to auto-fill forms
Username and Password Reports
Logon 2012 is the ultimate password manager, if bosses are requesting your usernames and passwords, just print them out
We collect no data on you
Whatsoever, nothing, none
Record multi-step logons
Logon 2012 will automatically record logons that are up to three steps long

Enjoy the future of logging on now